What is Designing in Print Media?

It is a process which involves taking instructions from a client

Making scribble according to the thinking of the designer

Getting approval from the client

Building the design which should be satisfying to the client

Getting his approval before sending it for print

What software is used to design the jobs?

It varies according to the type of job.

If it is an image editing, it will be done on Photoshop

If it is a vector design, it will be done in Illustrator

If it is a job involving vector designs, with page layouts, it will be done in CorelDraw

If the job involves high-resolution printing with all elements, it will be done in InDesign

And so on…

Who should be available for a printing process to happen?

The printing process involves various stages, it starts from the time design is finalized.

The Machine must be available to print

To set uniform color while printing any type of job, the operator must be available

The paper must be available

The colors for the machine must be available

For finishing the job after it gets printed, the people must be available

What is the process involved while printing a job in offset?

After the job is designed, it will be taken for the pre-press stage which involves making the plates for printing

Respective color for printing must be filled into the printer

Correct plates must be mounted to the printer

The setting for color calibration must be done in the printer

The paper must be cut to the required size for the printer

Printing speed must be set according to the type of job which is getting printed

While printing, the color calibration must be made to keep uniform printing to happen

After the job is printed it will be taken to the finishing section, where it will undergo various stages before getting delivered to the client

What are the process involved while printing a job in screen?

After printing the job, the final will be given in 2 types, a tracing sheet or even positives

It will be kept in the exposing box to expose the content to a screen, which is a wooden frame with a type of cloth pinned to it

After expositing the content on the screen, it will be mounted to the screen printing table

Paper required for printing will be made ready

Colour will be smeared on the screen, after keeping paper below the screen

A squeezer will be used, to print the content from screen to paper

It will be taken to the finishing section for the next process to happen

The brief explanation of overprint preview in printing field

This is the process which makes 2 colours to merge in the edge where they meet each other. For example, when there are 2 colours red and blue, when they get printed the colours may shift little due to the vibration of the printing machine which shows a white line where the colours meet.

We generally use the option called overprint to override this problem. We create a thin outline of one colour and overprints it on another. This results in tricking the machine to print one colour on top of another and so we will not get a gap between the colours.

What types of printing are available in market today?

Screen Printing

Letter Press Printing

Foil Printing


Offset Printing

Web Offset Printing (Newspapers)

Solvent Printing

Spot UV Printing